Welcome - Fundamentals 1 (0.1.01)
Welcome - Fundamentals 1 (0.1.01)
Welcome to Leveraged! Let's get you started with what matters; choosing the right modules to start working on. In this short fundamental, I'll share with you: - The key to choosing the right thing to work on, - How to put it into play and...
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Your Journey - Fundamentals 2 (0.1.02)
Your Journey - Fundamentals 2 (0.1.02)
Most businesses have a clear sense of what they're trying to achieve, and part of our job on the program is to connect them with the methodology and tools to help make it happen faster. However, the key question we always start with is, "What...
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Your Strategy - Fundamentals 3 (0.1.03)
Your Strategy - Fundamentals 3 (0.1.03)
What do YOU want from your money? It's something we get so used to asking clients, but when was the last time you asked yourself that from a business perspective? After all, as a business owner, your business is the place your money comes from...
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This Month In Leveraged (0.1.10)
This Month In Leveraged (0.1.10)
Your Guide To All Upcoming Webinars In Leveraged this month October is an Excelerator month, as well as an Attract month. First cab off the rank, you could not have heard a bigger cheer in the room when Zuraida Ariffin and ZA team said "I...
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Audio Summaries (0.1.11)
Audio Summaries (0.1.11)
All the audio summaries from our Leveraged module in one place, for your listening pleasure
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Finding Your Hot Market (1.1.01)
Finding Your Hot Market (1.1.01)
Of all the arguments I have, niche is the biggest. I’m not going to ask you to go narrow, but to market and design something it’s important to know who for. Make this person someone who want to help Someone whose needs you connect...
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Own Your Offer (1.1.02)
Own Your Offer (1.1.02)
Ok. Now let’s do a quick stocktake of your offer. If you can’t explain easily to a prospect what you do and why it’s key to them, nothing else matters Here’s the way it works. We need to be able to answer six questions. What issues...
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Leadflow Ladder (1.1.03)
Leadflow Ladder (1.1.03)
If you see the value in forming strategic partnerships with like-minded businesses who can both provide referrals and add value to your clients, but you're challenged with how hard it is to get these relationships to the point where they can be...
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1-Page Marketing Plan (1.1.04)
1-Page Marketing Plan (1.1.04)
Marketing, like Christmas Day, is best planned in advance. That's why I'd love you to commit to fleshing out your marketing plan in advance. Too many business fall into the trap of trying to work out which marketing tactics to choose (social...
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Referral Pipeline (1.1.05)
Referral Pipeline (1.1.05)
Some businesses see referrals as a marketing "option", something to do instead of other forms of marketing, digital or otherwise. But it’s not an either-or thing. Just because you’re blogging, advertising, vlogging, doing marketing with...
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